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Your Guide to Office Wellness Breaking unhealthy office habits Today

Your Guide to Office Wellness

Hour after hour, you sit the whole day through. Sitting the entire workday leaves you feeling cramped and fatigued. You may be looking for a better solution. You’re not alone. Office wellness is a huge deal.

Unhealthy office habits and office wellness

Studies suggest American workers today burn roughly 100 calories-less each day while at work compared to American workers in 1960. This decline in occupational energy expenditure is thought to play a substantial role in the rising obesity epidemic we have observed over that same time period,” said Dr. Lucas Carr in a ScienceDaily article.

A 2013 survey found that 86% of Americans spend the majority of their day sitting, which adds up to sitting 80% of the workday.

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When you couple this with the fact that over 1/3 of US citizens are inactive during their leisure time, this sets us up for an inactive, unhealthy life.

Overcoming Unhealthy Office Habits

So what do we do at the office when it comes to staying healthy? How are you to start fighting office fatigue when you make your living sitting down?

Glad you asked! Here are some great tips from 4 of our favorite experts that will improve office wellness.

1. Move every hour

Set an alarm on your phone or computer and every hour, even just if for a few steps, get up and move. Moving helps activate the motor cortex of the brain, gives you renewed energy and even helps reduce stress!

2. Cut the lunchtime carbs

Carbohydrates are fast sources of energy, but burn far too quickly, causing the classic “after lunch crash.” Opt for some protein, veggies, healthy fats or fruit for lunch to have longer and more sustained energy stores. Fat and protein will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

3. Go bulletproof with your caffeine

Whether it be in the morning, or an afternoon pick-me-up adds 1-2 TBS of grassed butter and 1-2 TBS of MCT or coconut oil to your coffee or tea. For added frothiness, blend together!

Not only do these oils have fabulous health benefits, but they also help the caffeine burn in a more consistent way, keeping you from experiencing a crash. I like to add a dash of pumpkin pie spice and/or a bit of honey to kick it up a notch!

– Dr. Abby Kramer

Dr. Abby Kramer is a Chicagoland based Chiropractor & Holistic Physician who focuses on helping her patients maintain a balanced body, mind, and spirit. She works with patients locally or long-distance via phone or Skype. Her unique blend of chiropractic manipulations, manual therapy, nutrition, muscle testing, and mind-body stress relief help her patients maintain optimal health and thrive! You can find more information about her, at her website:

1. Stretch

Take a moment to stretch and do exercises that diminish muscle tension and improves flexibility. This is very critical as certain movements of the body induces better circulation and helps reduces stress.

2. Don’t Starve Yourself

Try not to starve yourself while at work. You need the right nutrients to maximize performance and reduce the stress on the body. If you don’t have the time, make time, you can at least grab an apple.

– Ignatius Ajuebor Jnr

Ignatius Ajuebor Jnr is a Certified Life & Wellness Coach, Functional Training Specialist, and Personal Trainer. He has helped thousands of people worldwide achieve their fitness and wellness objectives. He is the founder & creator of ANGEL workout routines.

1. The Right Snacks

Snacking on healthy foods that contain a combo of fiber, healthy fats and protein are very helpful as well. I lean towards avocado on a wheat cracker and a few almonds to keep up energy and brainpower. [If your office has a vending machine or other vending services, try requesting healthier options be stocked.]

2. Water, water, water

Make sure you are drinking ample water. Water balances blood sugar, flushes out toxins, and actually gives us energy! Pump it up with some lemon for extra detoxing ability and they are sure to thrive!

– Sharla Mandere

Sharla Mandere is a Personal Trainer/Group Fitness instructor and Health and Wellness coach. She owns Radiant Sunrise Holistic Wellness in San Diego, CA and is on a mission to help women lose weight, double their energy and get their MOJO back with easy lifestyle hacks.

1. Fitness Tracker

If your New Year’s resolution is to get or stay fit, a fitness tracker is a great way to help you beat office fatigue. Most fitness trackers now come standard with an audible or vibration alert if you have been sitting for a long period of time. This alert reminds you to get up and walk around.

Additional benefits that will knock out the 2 p.m. blues are the advanced features that show you when you are most active and least active which in itself, can be a motivator. Some of them (including the Fitbit Flex) can help you evaluate your diet. Since your diet can be a big reason why fatigue might set in, this provides great insight.

2. Calorie Counters

MyFitness Pal is one of the most popular calorie-counting apps out there. It tracks your weight, recommended daily intake, a well-designed food diary and more. This is a great way to eat healthier during lunch resulting in a less mid-afternoon slump.

The free version offers a lot of features, the yearly membership for it is $50 which pales in comparison to a better, healthier you!

– Jeremy Neisser

Jeremy blogs at, where he helps runners of all levels train for their first or fastest 5K by sharing tips on injury prevention and proper training. He is a self-proclaimed running junkie who started in 2009 and has completed over 100 5Ks, 75 10Ks, 25 half-marathons, and 1 full marathon.

Final Word

Office wellness really is a big deal. It can help reduce stiffness, office fatigue, and your weight.

Get this, recent research found that reducing sitting during the workday by 71 minutes over the course of a month can reduce your body weight by over half a percent.

So remember, stand up, drink some water and implement these office wellness techniques to fight those unhealthy habits!

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