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Drop the long workouts & outlandish costs

Effective workouts. Conveniently simple. Incredibly affordable.

Can’t find time to workout? Exhausted but just want do something to feel better? We help you eliminate the guilt and make fitness better.

Winter Special - Save 65% NOW!

Winter Special - Save 65% NOW!

Pulse Raising Results

Helping you become active, confident, successful!

From quick, effective streaming classes to our on demand video database
to our motivating challenges, PulseHIIT is there for you.

REAL testimonials from those that have trained with Erin

HIIT Workouts Get Results and Change Lives

Erin and the rest of the crew helped me tone up and drop a few more lbs recently! This before pic was 60 pounds ago! Being healthy feels so much better.

— Tina

Kathy N
Not at goal yet but am down 2 pants sizes since starting at the Studio! Thank you!! I definitely couldn't have done it without your workouts and encouragement! Only 25 lbs to go!

— Kathy N

This pic actually looks like I'm beginning to get a waistline, lol. Thank you. I couldn't have done this without you pushing me to try harder and get me out of my head of what i can and can't do...You can totally share. 43 lbs. down, thanks to you!

— Erin

*Results from Erin’s programs and classes using high-intensity workouts. Results not guaranteed but these results are real.

Your Unfair Fitness Advantage

Join the Pulse Team for quick workouts and your on demand video library leading to results!

Raise Your Pulse 0%

PulseHIIT Raise Your Pulse with On Demand HIIT Workouts

Ready to get in shape or just love working out? Want to take it to the next level wherever your travels take you? Whether you’re traveling for business or want to bust through workout over your lunch break, Erin and the PulseHIIT Team are your unfair weight loss advantage!

Raise your pulse with on demand HIIT workouts and join people all around the world as you workout, sweat and get results. It all starts today!

Winter Special - Save 65% NOW!

Why Pulse Raising HIIT Workouts?

It's all about your journey to results

Unlock the unfair fitness advantage over getting results with afterburn
inducing HIIT workouts. How can they help?

BODY Improvment

BODY Improvment

Get the body you deserve

Track your RESULTS

Track your RESULTS

Weekly classes to stay on track

Burn Fat

Burn Fat

During and after workouts

Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself

Get the challenges to push yourself

Basically, we make fitness realistic, doable, better so you can get results!

Why PulseHIIT?

HIIT workouts, work. By keeping your heart rate elevated for an extended period of time you can elicit the afterburn effect. This means you can burn calories for hours after your workout. It’s healthy weight loss and it’s the ultimate way to exercise efficiently. As you can see from Erin’s clients! Now she’s bringing these body-shaping workouts to your home!

Read more about how the PulseHIIT approach can get results below!

PulseHIIT Raise Your Pulse Responsive

Join Erin Bidlack and the PulseHIIT Trainers

As they help you build motivation, bring accountability, raise your pulse and get results!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist

Bachelor's in Health and Wellness (Lincoln University)

PulseHIIT Raise Your Pulse with On Demand HIIT Workouts NASM

Ready to Make Your Fitness Better?

It all starts here for less than a few smoothies a week and in just 3 easy steps!

PulseHIIT Raise Your Pulse Responsive

Raise Your Pulse


Potential post workout hour calories burn


Calories in a pound


Potential weeks to results

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