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Our Goal is to Help You Beat Your Goals!

PulseHIIT Erin Bidlack

Erin Bidlack

Co-Founder & Trainer

PulseHIIT Josh Anderson

Josh Anderson


PulseHIIT Angela Bax

Angela Bax

Certified Trainer

PulseHIIT Nick Baker

Nick Baker

Certified Trainer

Our Mission

It started out as a simple idea. We knew people wanted quick, effective workouts built by the pros to deliver pro results. We also knew that they wanted them delivered in a convenient, thoughtless fashion.

Simple enough, right?

Not so much. It was way more than that. It was all founded in helping you beat your goals. We want to help empower you to strive for your best fitness. You deserve to be healthy. Your family and friends deserve for you to be healthy. And we are here to help you push yourself past your ultimate competition – yourself!

It’s the internal competition of you vs you, every single day. We can help you beat those PRs and those ultimate goals. We got your back.

In short, PulseHIIT was created to help you harness that internal competition of you vs you and reach your ultimate goals. We are here to make fitness better with the ultimate goal of helping you beat your goals.

We promise to have your back!

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