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Tabata Summer Burn Challenge

Want to take Tabata to the next level? Be one of 9 people and only 9 to join Erin Bidlack in a 4 week Tabata Summer Burn Challenge where she lays out 5 fat burning Tabata workouts each week exclusively for you! What you will get:

  • 4 week Tabata program (20 total workouts): $100 value
  • Access to the PulseHIIT video library: $50 value
  • Private forum for your access to Erin: $100 value
  • 75% off PulseHIIT Annual memberships: $65 Value
  • Entered to win a year membership and plan of your choice: $100 value

Yup, the first 9 get this crazy $415 value for $35.

It starts this Monday (6/10)!

First come, first serve. Her Tabata program will be the perfect way to beat your goals as summer arrives!

Grab yours and get started in 3 easy steps.

Our Tabata Challenge is currently closed. Email us at to get in on the next one!

PusleHIIT Tabata Summer Burn Challenge