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Corporate Fitness

Making Your Employees Happy & Healthy

The easiest HR decision you'll make this year for your employee's well-being

Corporate Wellness Is Just the Right Thing To Do

We all want healthy, happy employees, right?

A quality corporate wellness program gives employees the resources to reduce stress and improve their health. Happy & healthy employees are productive employees.

The physical and mental well-being of your team is linked to the performance of your organization. It’s imperative to offer solutions to empower them to feel their best.

Companies with corporate wellness see an increase in morale.

Employees who choose to participate tend to feel happier and more satisfied with their overall employment benefits.

But Who Can Afford One?

The best way to get started on a corporate wellness plan and offer your employees a fitness plan can be a great way to get started on a budget.

You might not be able to build a gym in the office or pay for each of your employee’s gym membership but what if you could offer them professionally created workout plans they can do anywhere? At the office or at home for only a few dollars per employees per month.

Thanks where PulseHIIT Corporate Wellness comes in. We take care of setting up your employees into your own corporate group where your employees get four step by step workouts each with tracking capabilities to help keep your employees engaged and healthy!

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Corporate Fitness, Simplified. WAY More Affordable Than You Think.

Ready to create an engaging, effective corporate fitness program to help attact and retain great employees but also help with insurnace costs? It’s way more affordable than you think!

PulseHIIT Raise Your Pulse Corporate Fitness Platform Program Start Today

ROI: Up to $3 for every $1 invested in team wellness

Your Very Own Corporate Fitness Program in 3 Easy Steps

Your platform customized for your team for ease of use to encourage activity and build confidence.

Sign Up and Jump On a Quick Onboarding Call

Simply sign up and we can jump on a super-quick onboarding call. We know you’re swamped so this won’t be an hour-long call, just a quick one to know your goals.

Import All of Your Employees Into the Platform

Worried about employee confidentiality? We understand. We can help you import all of your employees into the system in our step-by-step process to make it quick and easy. It’s truly your platform!

Start and Manage Your Fitness Program or Let Us Do It!

Want to handle the day-to-day or week-to-week tasks of creating and implement workouts and challenges? We got you covered. Let our experts implement  exciting challenges to keep your employees engaged.


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Testimonials from those that have trained with Erin doing these same type of workouts

Do HIIT Workouts Work? HIIT Workouts Get Results.

*Results from Erin’s programs and classes using HIIT workout, high-intensity system. Results not typical or guaranteed.