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Holiday Cash Hustle

Join the movement, potentially lose 5-10 pounds and potentially win cash over Thanksgiving.

7 Little Healthy Habits of Highly Effective People

Holiday Weight Loss Cash Hustle

Follow along and you can win big!

Improve Your Metabolism with High Intensity Interval Training HIIT

Weight loss workouts that work

On-demand, mobile app always ready

PulseHIIT Challenge

Meal plans to help guide you

Perfect way to crush your goals

PulseHIIT Raise Your Pulse with On Demand HIIT Workouts

Complete accountability

To keep you on track and motivated

The holiday season can be rough on your diet and workout routine, right? The motivation is gone and you don’t have time for long workouts…

We’ve got you covered. This quick, guilt-free, two-week challenge will give you the exact workouts – 20 minutes or less – five times a week, meal plans, motivation and the potential to win $150 dollars!

Join below and follow along with certified personal trainer, Erin Bidlack in this campaign to maintain and NOT gain weight during the holidays! The only thing that might gain weight is your wallet!

Here’s how it works. We provide you

  • 5 workouts each week that can be done in under 20 minutes. Yup, only 20 minutes. We make it simple to get it done during the holidays with workouts you can do anywhere.
  • Access to the entire PulseHIIT app and library which includes hundreds of fat burning exercise videos.
  • Private Facebook group and app forum for your access to Erin.
  • Meal plans to help get you through those days you are sitting at home off from work… Those days where you might get bored and eat and eat and eat.
  • Cash prizes for the top three participants and prizes all the way through the top 10!

So, how could you win? Just follow along with Erin and log your workouts in the PulseHIIT app. Each workout logged is a point. Couple that with staying engaged in our Facebook group for bonus points! For instance, Erin might ask you to post a post-workout selfie to the group to make sure you are following along. If you do it, you get a point… The person with the most points wins the cash!

Miss a workout? There will be tons of chances for bonus points throughout this short challenge!

Join Today for Only $10

Want to get a jump on the competition and win that $150? Refer a friend and get 2 bonus points. Simply have them

[***By signing up you agree that all images and content posted in the PulseHIIT Facebook Group or on the PulseHIIT app can be used for marketing purposes in the future by PulseHIIT. Consult your physician before beginning and new exercise plan.***]